Marechal Tito


Av. Marechal Tito, 3795
Itaim Paulista - São Paulo, SP

Close to the Itaim Paulista metropolitan train station, the property is strategically located in the main avenue of the Itaim Paulista and São Miguel Paulista region, an important intermunicipal axis connecting to São Paulo’s eastern zone.


Land Area: 13,196 sqm

It is the last large property located in one of São Paulo’s fastest growing commercial regions with a monthly consumption potential of over US$ 70 million.  Bordering three main avenues, including 130 meters directly facing Marechal Tito avenue, it displays excellent visibility and high market potential for the development of Shopping Centers, supermarkets, retail stores, strip malls and construction / building materials supercenters.


ZM3B – Commercial use
Floor Area Ratio (FAR) – 2,5
Main companies nearby: Casas Bahia, Dicico, Bank Itaú, Habib´s, Extra Eletro, Pernambucanas, Marisa, Marabráz.

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