Global Jundiaí II


Av. José Benassi ,
Jundiaí, SP
Distance from São Paulo – 30 Km

The property is located in one of the most important industrial regions of São Paulo State and has easy access given its proximity to Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto highway, which connects to Anhanguera and  Bandeirantes highways.


Land Area: 99,160 sqm

The property encloses 99,160 m² and has an approved land grading project for a 79,000 m² plateau.  It also has an excellent infrastructure with piped natural gas, sewer treatment plant and drinkable water supply.


Industrial Development Zone
Allowed uses: Commercial, services and industrial activities without environmental risks
Occupancy rate – 50%
Floor Area Ratio (FAR) – 2,0
Main companies nearby:  Sadia, Cimpor Cimentos, Sara Lee, Macaferri.

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